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Welcome to the PresMark Publishing Co. website!

When you have finished looking at these pictures, please use the menu at the left of each page to browse the rest of our site. You may find it just as interesting!

These are pictures of what cigarette smoking does to human tissue, namely lungs, the primary intake port of the most required substance necessary for life...oxygen.

The human body can live for weeks without food; days without water; but only a few minutes without oxygen.

Please understand that although these lungs were removed from deceased smokers, this is how they looked in those smokers before they died.

The photos (originally slides) have not been changed or touched up. The lungs have only been sectioned in two for viewing and analysis.

Normal lungs are red/pink in color, symmetrical in shape, and have an even, uniformly porous texture.

If you are a long term smoker, and have been experiencing shortness of breath, coughing spells, lower- or mid-chest pains, your lungs may now be looking somewhat similar to these.

Please be patient while these pictures load. They are worth seeing!
(They take less than a minute each at 28,8.)

These first two pictures contrast healthy lungs against a cancerous pair.

On the left is a fairly normal pair. The large, pink item in the lower center between them is the heart.

The areas of the cancerous pair that isn't black, but yellowish gray, is the cancer. The bulbous knobby tissue are tumors.

healthy_lung.gif (132236 bytes)


bad_lung.gif (166389 bytes)

nextpict.gif (961 bytes)

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