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What’s It Worth?

When I first wrote "How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle" several years ago, I tried giving it away on the Internet. I had very few takers.

Then I started charging $9.95 for it. I started getting sales.

Over the years, I kept raising the price, and to my amazement, sales increased with each raise. I can only attribute this phenomenon to what is called "perceived value".

What I came to understand is that the more it costs, the more people believe in its value. After all, what could it be worth if someone is giving it away?

I guess the best example of this I can think of is the difference between the cost of a Lexus and a Mercedes Benz.

I’ve been told by people who have owned both, that the Lexus is every bit as great a car as the Mercedes.

However, when Lexus first came out, you could buy one for about $30,000, when the comparable model of Mercedes cost about twice that much.

Yet Mercedes sales far exceeded that of Lexus for years.


Because people believed that the Mercedes was worth twice as much. It had to be…didn’t it? It costs twice as much.

But now the Lexus has more than doubled in price for roughly the same car, same models, as ten years ago.

Now the perception of the Lexus is that it’s definitely one of the top luxury cars in the field. And although it still costs less than the Mercedes, the gap is closing rapidly.

I now charge $24.95 for the book. But I charge $29.95 for the Book-on-CD's. The cost of producing the physical softback is actually quite a bit more than for the CD's.

Yet the CD's are perceived as being worth more. Of course they are perhaps easier to use because you don’t have to do the "work" of reading. You just have to listen.

But that’s not the point. The point is that the CD's sell for more because the technology is new and the perception is that therefore, it’s worth more.

At least that’s my take.

I support that with this. When you see those offers for old music on the television, the CDs are always more expensive than the tapes.

I'm certain from my own research and experience, that the tapes cost more to produce.

I have never, nor would I, pay almost $25 for a thin paperback book. At least I don’t think so. Seems ridiculous.

I can buy a Ludlum, Grisham or a King paperback novel at Costco for about $6. A fat one.

So why would anyone buy my little softback book for four times that?

Why? It’s for this reason. They aren’t buying a book for entertainment. They aren’t even buying a book.

The book is only the package in which the message is delivered. What they are buying is the information.

Important information.

Today, information is perceived as the most valuable commodity on earth. Think about it. Information is the doorway to everything else of value on the planet.

A college education is simply information. A road map is information, as is a map to a goldmine.

A simple, "I love you!" is information…sometimes desperately needed by the one being informed.

Information can even be illegal. As I write these words, Martha Stewart has been found guilty of four felonies, stemming from her "insider trading".

That means they believe she gave or received information that allowed her or someone else to gain financially.

Information can be worth thousands, millions…life itself.

Life itself?


Recently a doctor who had used a brand new technique of brain scanning by computer was able to do surgery on a young boy by knowing exactly where to cut and how deeply.

He had the information that allowed him to save the child.

No information? Dead kid.

So yes, information can be worth life itself.

So what am I selling that I can ask you to pay $24.95, $29.95…even more for?

Life saving information. Information that can and will save your life, if you use it.

If you think about that, the cost seems cheap, doesn’t it? Less than the cost of a carton of cigarettes to save your life from having the cigarettes kill you?

But can’t you buy this same information elsewhere for less? In fact, can’t you get government brochures or those from the heart, lung, or cancer associations for free that will tell you the same thing?

No, you can’t.

Why not? Because this is the only system of its type in print today.

I have looked. I can't find any other system that deals with smoking the way this book does. No other system says you can smoke all you need to while you are quitting.

No other system tells you never to resist that craving urge.

No other system tells you that smoking isn’t even the problem, only the symptom of it.

No other system tells you that you don’t need to use computer devices, hypnosis, patches, carrots, pills, gum, etc. to relieve your cravings.

This system is unique in the field of smoking cessation.

It's revolutionary.

It’s the best.

If you buy this book in any form and you don’t find it to be what I say for you, then just send it back.

Or, in the case of the eBook, just tell me. I’ll give you your money back.

No time limit on that guarantee.

Because if you don’t use it and end your relationship with cigarettes forever, it’s not worth anything to you.

But if you use it and do quit forever, it may be worth your very life.

Certainly worth some increased health.

Absolutely worth what I'm asking you to pay.

August, 2006
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