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    Softback Book - $24.95 Out of Stock
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    	The eBook may be accessed within twenty-four hours, 
    	usually within four hours, when purchased separately. 
    Book-on-CD's (set of 2)- $29.95
    Audio CD's (set of 2, professionally narrated) - $29.95
    Audio Music CD with subliminal smoking cessation messages (54 minutes) - $29.95
    The SuperBundle: Softback book, Book-on-CD's (set of 2, professionally narrated)
    	Standard Audio Subliminal Music CD (54 min.),
     	eBook, MP3 Audio Subliminal Music file- $34.95 (a $134.75 value!)
    	All of The SuperBundle is shipped in physical form, including the eBook and MP3.
    	NO shipping charge for the SuperBundle!
    PLEASE NOTE: The eBook may be accessed within twenty-four hours, 
    usually within four hours, when purchased separately. 
    When purchased with the SuperBundle, it comes on CD-ROM disc,
    along with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    All physical products will all be shipped by USPS Priority Mail (approx 2-3 days delivery time) 
    for an additional $5.00 which applies only once, regardless of how many versions or copies 
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