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>>>>Web sites we'd advise visiting!<<<< A.S.H. Action on Smoking and Health is the nation's oldest and largest antismoking organization, and the only one which regularly takes hard-hitting legal and other actions to fight smoking and to protect the rights of nonsmokers. If you're a winner, or want to be, this is a site for you!!! The best and only free self-help site packed with excellent videos from world-renowned experts. is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet.

Mesothelioma Mesothelioma is a very deadly form of lung cancer. Great info and pictures found here. Nothing but good news and uplifting stories and articles. Educational videos of many types. Pauline Edwards, Author of The Power of Time, and Astrological Crosses in Relationships Wonderfully inspiring music by it's creator, Javier Brito. Got a sense of humor, and not too prudish? (They're not "X" rated!) Shop at featuring natural progesterone cream, natural health, personal care, and weight loss products for women and men. Free US shipping! Personal growth facilitator. Excellent resource! Highly recommended. Counseling in person or by phone. First one free. Call today! Great self-help site Just what it says...drug test info! Just go look. For serious thinkers! Advice on personal training All about the different types of cancers. Medical Billing Software 1(800) 400-9558

If you ever smoked filtered cigarettes, check this out for sure! Cosmetic Surgery from the dedicated team of experts at the Cosmesurge Anti-Aging and Wellness Center. Brighten that smile. Everyone looks better with clean, white teeth!

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Dan Low

Behavior Modification, Self-Improvement, Organizational Development

LightShadows Sayahda

Accurate life readings, "A Blueprint of the Soul," free metaphysical teachings, orhai healing, readers question-answer forum, earth changes, readers predictions, techniques & articles for soul growth, animal totems,  books, tapes, courses.  Dedicated to empowering mankind in their dance through life.

David Baker 

Certified Medium and ATP (Angel Therapy Practitioneer)

Kelly Ballard

Meditation & Chakra Balancing Expert

Carolyn Bates

Coach for Baby Boomers in Transition

Dr. Lyle Becourtney 

Anger Management Expert

Elizabeth A. Bohorquez RN, SRN, M.OCN,C.Ht

Medical, Health, Addictions, Self-Development & Sports Hypnotherapy

Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A. Ed

Success is a Choice! Expert

Lilly  Calandrello MS, MA

Relationship, Marriage & Family Therapist

Shirley Cheng

Self-Empowerment & Spiritual Expert

Pauline Edward

Astrology, Numerology, Self Growth and Spiritual Wellness

Debbie Fletcher 

Metaphysics & Self-Realization Journey Expert

Gerry Hopman BA., C.H.R.P., C.L.Y.L.

Happiness & Self-Improvement Expert

Dr. William Hunter

Optimist, Empowerment, Leadership, Personal & Professional Development

Nicole Lavoie

Bio Spiritual Energy Facilitation

George E. Lockett SSHA, IIHHT

Spiritual Healer and Self Improvement Coach 

Dr. Lisa Love

Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction

Jeanie Marshall MS

Meditation and Personal Development

Dorothy  M Neddermeyer PhD

Life and Healing Coach - Certified Hypnosis and Regression

Sam Oliver, B.A. Psychology, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Divinity

Grief and Bereavement Care

Patrick  K. Porter, PhD

Developer of the largest Self-Help Franchise

Belinda Rachman, Esq. 

Family Law Attorney

Tim Ralston

Vision Boards and Motivational Speaking

Shveita Sethi MBA ,BA

Happiness Expert

Sharon Shenker

Family & Relationship Coaching

Eric  J Smith

Horticulture, Organics and Skin Care

Lilian Eden Ph.D, M.A, B.Sc, CH.T, C.B.E

Spiritual Teacher/Author/Lecturer/ Counselor/Psychic-Medium

Joshua Stein MS Ed

LifeStyle Design, Entrepreneurship and Personal Leadership

Dr Kelli - The Angel Whisperer

Spiritual Architect - Master of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics

Jaklina Trajcevska

Nutrition Expert

Craig M. Wax D.O.

Family Medicine, Health & Wellness, Prevention

Herbert C Young

Promoting Awareness Through The Written Word



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