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"How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle"

Frequently Asked Questions (The FAQ)

Why did you write this book?

It started out as simply a letter to my daughter. I had discovered that she had been smoking for almost twenty years without my knowledge. When she told me, and asked how I had managed to quit smoking, I decided to offer her the method I'd used on myself twenty years earlier to quit. I was, when I developed the process over twenty years ago, a practicing clinical hypnotherapist. I had begun to experiment with different ways to modify behaviors, other than just trying to get the client to just "act out" the desired end result.

Since it was taking several hours a day for weeks to write all this information for my daughter, my wife, at one point, asked me, "What are you doing, writing her a book?" I realized I was. I decided to try to get it published. After being turned down by about seventy publishers, I decided to publish it myself. It has now sold and being used in over forty-five countries around the world, to rave reviews.

What is PresMark Publishing Co.?

PresMark Publishing Co. is named after my grandson, Preston Gregory, and myself. It was formed in 1996, after over seventy publishers had turned down the book. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and sells only this one book (in several formats, and some ancillary smoking cessation products), which has now sold thousands of copies in every state in the USA and over fifty countries around the world, and has been received very well, judging by the unsolicited reviews. It is only available on the Internet, at this PresMark Publishing website.

How can it possibly be "without willpower or struggle"?

"Without willpower or struggle" only refers to the willpower and struggle one deals with when one attempts to quit "cold turkey", by simply resisting the physical urges to smoke. This is something you never have to do with this system. With almost all other systems I've studied, you smoke your last cigarette on "the quit day", which is the first day of the quit. Then begins the struggle to muster the willpower to resist consistently.

Quitting by our system does mean you will have behaviors to consistently do. But these behaviors do not take anything like the kind of willpower it takes to resist the urge to smoke after you've been a committed smoker for a length of time.

With this system, you smoke your last cigarette on the last day of the quit, and after that day, you will never have another urge to smoke again. Meanwhile, waiting for that day, you smoke each and every cigarette you want...making certain that you really do want it before smoking it. In the end, you simply never want to again. Not just because you "think" you don't want to for "good reasons". You no longer ever desire a cigarette because, just like any sane non-smoker, you have no reason or desire left in you to breath the toxic fumes from burning weeds and chemically saturated paper into your body.

You offer a "triple your money back guaranty". How can I be sure that you will actually fulfill that promise, if I'm still smoking after using the system for a year?

I don't know if there is any way that we can assure you of that. The nature of this internet "new frontier", being so international, I doubt if anyone would attempt to take us to World Court, Federal Court, or even a Small Claims court (unless they lived right here in Las Vegas.) So it's simply a matter of trust. We've been here for over eleven years now, and helped people all over the world. That's the best I can say about us.

I will say this, though. If you are worried about getting a refund before you even start, perhaps you'd better not buy this book. Focus on failure at the onset will defeat any endeavor.

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August, 2006
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