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What They Are Saying

The following are just a few direct quotes from those who have purchased and used "How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle". You may contact us directly by email for verification of these unsolicited testimonials, and we shall pass your request on to that user so that they may contact you directly to verify the quote. Latest is the first at the top.

Hi Mark. 

I wrote to you about six years ago and was on the brink of a great new beginning.  Your book led me to that pathway out of the maze.  I also found great help from whyquit.com.  The combination of materials set me free!  I've been smoke FREE for six years coming this December. 

I haven't had one craving, in something like five years now.  I don't miss it at all and I have great empathy for those that are still trapped in the addiction.  I just want you to know that I'm extremely grateful that your book put me on the right track.

Cynthia Craton
Harbor Springs, Michigan

Good Morning Mark,

I wanted to thank you for your brilliance.  I have not quit yet, but I am on day three, and your program has affected me tremendously.  The encouragement and support in your book is incredible. I am beginning to be completely aware of my habit. You are a genius. As ridiculous as this sounds, thank you for making me consciously aware of what I am doing through smoking. I am truly on my way to being a true non-smoker.

I will keep you up-to-date; writing you encourages this process.  Thank you for everything.

James Guest
Bagdad, Iraq

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that I have won the battle! I followed your suggestions faithfully. I read and re-read the pages to drill the information into my head. It was almost immediately that I began to notice the "desire" for a cigarette was diminished. Within a week I was down to less than 1/2 my usual consumption at under 10 cigarettes a day. From that point it was only a matter of days till I noticed that I was putting those out after only a few puffs. I wasn't even smoking a whole cigarette anymore. When I practiced waiting a moment or two before reaching for one....I noticed I often went on about my business and actually didn't smoke at all.

Once I began to "focus" on each one they really did irritate me. They took me away from activities, and from other people as when I smoked I smoked alone. By stopping and focusing on each one I smoked I realized just how many times smoking was a hindrance. Stopping what I was doing just to smoke was a HUGE pain in the butt. But the biggest surprise of all was that even while I just beginning to cut back I noticed they were terribly smelly...and I was STILL smoking. I became overwhelmingly conscious of that bad smell factor. The final straw was the photos of the lungs. Gross!!!!! I couldn't get them out of my head.

I decided on December 23rd, my Dad's birthday, to stop for good. I told everyone. Praises came from all directions. Oh, I know it's only been a week and there's been a time or two when I thought about them but as soon as the idea comes to me...poof, it's gone! No big deal. Pretty much painless.

I am trying to get my fiancée to quit also. He was smoking his pipe at work and at home he was helping himself to my cigarettes but now has only his pipe to fall back on. Out of respect, he no longer smokes near me. He has banished himself to the basement! Since we are such similar personalities, he will soon be angry about smoking interfering with his activities also. Besides, it's cold down in that basement this time of year. I won't push him as it has to be his decision, but I can stand back, smile and watch the progression. I caught him glancing at my book over the weekend..... :)

Sharon Wood

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for this. I have read your eBook and it is very helpful at making me see cigarettes as the poison that they are and not something that I need or want. It has greatly boosted my determination to remain a non smoker. At this moment I can’t imagine ever having the desire for a cigarette ever again, but I am wary as I have been in this position several times before, only to fall back in the trap months or even years later. I will keep re-reading your book to ingrain it in my brain. It is a great service that you have done for us poor smokers, helping us get free is the best thing you could do with your knowledge and experience. THANK YOU for sharing it with us.

Geneva, Switzerland


I just had to write and say thanks soooo much. I am an electronics design engineer and programmer from Michigan that has been smoking since 1974. Thursday May 10th I smoked 2½ packs. I was quite pissed at my self the next day. When I walked into my office the next morning at 7:30 a.m., I said to myself, "Self, you are done smoking as of right now. No more, ever." At 8:26 a.m. I lit my first one. Major frustration!! And one hell of a miserable hour. Been through this many times. Fighting the craving fuels the craving.

I started a search on the Internet and found your site. My first response to the name of your book was, "Sound too good to be true? It probably is." By the time I got through the first couple pages, my life was changed. I sat staring at the screen in amazement. It was so logical. You had found the key, the secret weapon. It all made instant sense and I knew, and now know, I am defeating the monster. I ordered the book and asked you to please hurry. You did that and I thank you.

Yesterday was my sixth day and I smoked 16 cigarettes and that’s a far cry from 2½ packs and I’m not even stressing to do it. I am anxious to go to the next step.

My family also thanks you. There is nothing worse than having your 8-year-old daughter come to you and ask, "Dad, when are you going to stop smoking?"

Thanks again, Mark.

Tim Mishler, Beaverton, MI

Tim wrote to me again today, about two weeks after the above, saying he's down to less than ten per day now, and still feels no need to use willpower, and feels no stress while doing this process.

Dear Mark

This morning while looking for a picture of a healthy lung, (my latest idea for quitting smoking was to visualize my lungs as restored to their natural pink state), I found your website. . . and I knew after having thoroughly read everything you had to say that my struggle was over - thank you!

I, like so many smokers, have quit numerous times, tried everything from acupuncture, hypnosis, the patch, aversion therapy, you name it I have tried it.  However, recently after once again trying and not succeeding, the thought occurred to me that if only I could return to the feeling of never having smoked.  So, you can imagine how my heart soared after reading about your book - I NOW know I can do this - what a gift you have given me - the gift of hope!
Again, I am truly grateful for the time, passion and determination you have towards helping those of us who truly want to stop smoking.
Best regards,
Cynthia Ferguson
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dearest Mark,

Last April I wrote to you about my struggle with nicotine....30+ years of the habit and drug.  I bought your book and tried to incorporate your program into my life so that I would no longer be addicted.

Let me say first that your personal response to my email touched me beyond words. Actually it made me cry.  I felt your caring and concern, and you said the exact right words that I needed to hear at the time.  For that I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Second- please know that as of August 30th I have been smoke-free!!!!!!!!  I am no longer a smoker....I do not smoke.....I am what I call "smokeless."  It is because of people like you that made this miracle possible.

Thank you for believing in me and thank you for caring and identifying with the struggle from hell!

In closing I want to thank you once again - please take comfort in knowing that you made a significant difference in my life for which I will always be eternally grateful.

Carole Yevoli, Old Bethpage, NY


I am a clinical psychologist who has been into hypnosis for almost 30 yrs.  I have found it a valuable tool for many problems but not for smoking cessation.  I think that is mainly because people expect an hypnotic session or even several to do the job for them.  That doesn't work in my experience in most cases because I believe the patient has not become adequately prepared to make the decision to quit.  I have struggled with how to get them to engage in that preparation without notable success. 

Now that I have obtained a copy of your book about quitting I think that it could serve as excellent preparation for helping the patient to take the steps to quit.  Maybe hypnosis wouldn't even be necessary, but I think it could supplement and reinforce the messages in your book and help the person generalize the accomplishment of quitting smoking to other habits and possibly other problems. . . . I have several patients who are struggling to quit and I would be delighted to help them accomplish that goal.

I think your assessment of the problem really hits the nail on the head.  I am going to use your book as part of my treatment program so that I can assist more people to really stop smoking.

Arnold Freedman, Ph.D., New York, NY

"This book is well written. I enjoyed it very much. I haven't quit entirely but this is the most effective literature I've found on quitting yet. This is a very effective book. It made me reflect about a lot of different things and see several things in a new perspective (e.g. smoke as a poison, the way non-smokers view smokers, etc.) I gave this book to several friends and relatives who are trying to quit as a gift."

 Name and address withheld by request

"I think it is a great system, it is the only remedy which works with the smoker than others which offer momentary solutions."

Franco Fernandes, Miami, Florida

"I bought your book some two weeks ago, and already I have smoked my last cigarette. I won't ever smoke again. While using your book I made some discoveries about myself and about how addictions work and I thought I should share them with you, since it was your book that brought me to these discoveries and they might be useful to others.

When I started to analyze my behavior and its imagined payoffs it seemed to me that the there was a "spiritual" component to it beside the chemical and habitual. Before this I had thought that it was a matter of chemical addiction or psychological factors triggering habitual responses though now I see that there is more to it. Or rather, the psychology of addiction is more profound than I first thought.

We are all in search of something, though we are rarely aware of it. Some would call it God or Nirvana, in psychology its usually considered to be a desire to be "back in the womb", to once again be one with or mommies. The drug addict is searching for the wonderful first high, as if he could find what he needs in a chemical. Some search in sex, others lead their lives by the book so they don't have to think. We do it all to escape from a feeling hidden deep in our consciousness, a feeling that is very painful for most. We feel that we don't belong here, we don't feel at home and we don't feel very welcome.

The fact that we see others smoke makes us believe that they have found it, or at least that there is something to be found. However when we try it our selves we find nothing but nausea. But of course, the path to heaven is a hard one, we think while we set out on another fruitless search. The more we smoke the more we invest in our search. The more we have invested the harder it is to let go. "Maybe its the next one, maybe the next cigarette will open the gates of heaven" thus the craving for "just one more".

As these thoughts came to me the first time, I became aware of this feeling, like a whale swimming beneath the surface of my mind, and I began to meditate and think about it. I accepted that I don't feel like I belong, that inside my mind I am alone, no matter how many good friends I have. There is a proverb in Zen that goes: Accept, adapt and overcome.

Now, whenever I feel the need for a smoke, I just tell my self:"Whatever It is that I need, I won't find it in the cigarette. I have all I need inside of me." and it craving disappears. Acceptance is the key.

I hope this makes sense to you, its hard to describe complex matters as these in a foreign language.

Thank you, and good luck with future editions." "Jocke",

Joakim Berntson, Trollhättan, Sweden

"I felt that it was (is) very valuable as it is proactive, i.e you actively work to give up rather than a bunch of other passive systems, patch, gum etc. You also don't feel like you're trying to keep the "monster" at bay. You're almost slowly but firmly ushering it out the door." 

Jason Dunne, Gauteng, South Africa

"While reading the book, I knew the minute I read about switching from my brand to a menthol brand that this was going to work! Just the 'thought' made me sick to my stomach - for those 2 days, I smoked because it's a habit and the addiction, but I didn't enjoy the taste and smell of the menthols. The last evening I smoked, I didn't mind putting out the last cig because I didn't feel like they were my friends anymore."

Barbara Oatley, Westchester, Ohio

"I had started using it, even got a friend to start. (I'm going to try to get my mother to use it...) It was a bit much to constantly count the cigs, but it's the only way to get a true/real grasp on your habit. ... I can't stand to be around smoke now! I have no urge to have one, and can't stand the smell! I'm still trying to figure out how I tolerated it for so long! I find it completely disgusting. I'm probably just as offended by it as someone that never smoked!"

Dawn Lawson, Hudson, New York

"I was amazed at how it enabled me to cut out all of the "unnecessary" cigarettes."

James Patronite, Jr., Pico Rivera, California

"I have received your wonderful book. One thing you said … was that everyone made the decision to smoke as a child. What an eye-opener!! I started at 12 to be like my sister … But I am a highly additive personality and was hooked after smoking 2 packs of Marlboro in about 7 hours. I was sick after, and when I got up Monday, I wanted a cigarette, BAD!

"I am definitely ready to quit paying for the privilege of not only killing myself, but of the filth that comes with this habit, the inconvenience, and all the excuses for keeping it up. YES, you are right, it should be easier to quit than to start. I am ... counting my smokes and am smoking less every day. How odd? The way you put the entire act of quitting is so intelligent and encouraging.

Carol McEver, Fresno, California
An (almost) ex-smoker

PS Can't wait 'til the day I am offered a cigarette and can say "no thank you, I don't smoke."


Dear Mark,

Guess what?  I am so close to my last cigarette....that it might just be today.   I want each one less and less, and haven't had any desire to have one yet today.

Wanted to let you know that I have been receiving much email in response to my testimonial on your site.

Everyone wants to know about the book and when I got it and how I have done. I am telling them that it is working for me and they should try it too!

Thank you again and I hope you become a millionaire for your efforts in helping people.

Carol McEver

August, 2006
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